Privacy Policy

This outlines our policy in dealing with personal information collected, held and used by us in conducting our business.

When we collect personal information on individuals related to our business development and marketing activities this is limited to name, title, contact details.

When we collect personal information on individuals in the course of our consulting activities, it is collected only within the terms of refernce of contracted work.

Personally sensitive information is held confidentially for access only by the consultant or consultants using the material to complete the contracted work.

This information is held in the strictest confidence and only used for the primary purpose for which it is collected by us. It is not disclosed for a secondary purpose without the consent of the individual.

We will take reasonable steps to ensure that personal information that is collected, used and disclosed is relevant, accurate, complete and current for the purpose for which it is to be used.

Our procedures ensure that personal information is held securely and protected against unauthorised access, misuse, alteration, destruction and loss. Information that is no longer required is destroyed or permanently de-identified to protect the individual.

In addition to promoting our policy via this website, we will take reasonable steps to bring to your attention any personal information held, and the purposes for which it is collected, kept, used and disclosed.

Where information held by us is requested by the individual to whom it applies, we will provide access in a suitable form, except where

Any requests that are denied will be answered in writing with reasons.

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